Practice Energizers - "Motivating Dental Teams For Success"

"Awesome team! Couldn't do it without them! They rock."
Dr. Jared Terry, Family Smiles Dental Group, Flower Mound, TX

"I have had the pleasure of working with Practice Energizers at 2 different practices. I cannot express how much PE has helped me grow personally and grow the teams I have been a part of. Sonya and Crystal are a winning combination of dental wisdom and positive motivation. I would not hesitate to recommend these wonderful women to any practice. They have a genuine desire to grow teams and build thriving dental practices. I am a better dental professional because of these two ladies!"
Samantha Hudson, Office Manager Smile Avenue, Gainsville, TX

"The skills that Sonya brings to her clients, and the challenges they face, are not things she read in a book or learned in a weekend seminar..... they are based on her twenty-something years of experience, working in the trenches making dental practices successful. She is the complete package: integrity, hard work, experience, and a positive, dynamic personality! "
Lee Slaton, Vice President, Smart Training, LLC

"I don't know where I would be without Sonya Houp. My doctor hired Sonya to better our staff and encouraged us to really absorb what she had to teach us. I am incredibly glad that I did. She not only improved the quality and function of our office, but helped me to build my skills and passion towards becoming the practice manager. Sonya will absolutely help you reach your practice goals with her enthusiasm, sincerity, and hands-on approach." 
Lauren Majdalani RDA Practice Manager Active Dental

"My patients are increasingly excited now after having worked with Sonya at case presentation and communication skills.  By resolving patient concerns before starting treatment and helping people express their goals fully they become involved in my treatment and have more confidence in my skills at treating their own desires.  This in turn increases production significantly." "I have no doubt she has made a positive impact on my ability to build and grow my practice."
"Thankful for all you do for our two practices. Really appreciate all the hard work that has helped us to continue growing! You really care about the people you work with- and it sets you apart from other practice development groups!!!!
Dr. Kipton Anderson With Anderson Dentistry, Colleyville and Bedford, TX

As a Dental Hygienist, the thought of having a Consultant on your team is stressful. When I first found out my practice had a consultant I started to second-guess my future with the practice, but after much hesitation I decided to continue working to find out if what was said about consultants was true. The day I met Sonya I was hesitant about her tactics but was willing to try. I worked on what she told me to do and began to see real results. Patients began to give me many compliments and became very receptive to what I was trying to tell them. If I ever have a concern about a patient or a coworker, I call her for advice or even just verbiage to deal with the situation. I really have enjoyed my relationship with Sonya. The person I was concerned and hesitant about meeting has truly become a friend that I admire and respect.                                                                                         Jennifer Otto, BSDH

"I feel that their expertise as dental practice consultants, “office managers for rent”, and business professionals would be a wise decision for any dental office to invest in utilizing their knowledge & services. Since bringing Practice Energizers into our dental offices we have seen improvements in our production, collections, efficiency, office communication as well as our interaction and effectiveness with our patients.   Not only do they offer skills and solutions on how to effectively manage my practice, but have designed a website, business cards, installed methods to track our practice goals, facilitated the entire process of soliciting, interviewing and hiring new staff members, implemented new systems to communicate with patients and are in the process of building a marketing campaign for attracting new patients to help grow our practice.  Ultimately by hiring Practice Energizers they have allowed us more time to do what we do best, practice dentistry"
Dr. Scott Staffel, Bedford, TX

"I was at a place with my practice that I wanted to
quit. I was considering bringing in a practice consultant, but my
previous experience had been unpleasant. Then, I received Sonya’s
pamphlet in the mail. It inspired me to call her and speak to her about
my concerns. My staff was not getting along and we were all “burned
out.” Through Sonya’s help, my staff and I have been “re-energized.” Not only
are we communicating better, but have increased our practice
production which makes everyone happy. I would encourage you to call
Sonya and Practice Energizers to see how she can help you too.
Dr. Stacie J. Test

"Just a note to say Thank YOU so much for the changes in our office!!
Work had become a place that I would dread going, due to personality
conflicts and problems in communication. You came in and spotted things
that we were overlooking, and pointed out the positives that we had
forgotten were there, because we let our resentments and hurt feelings
get in the way! We are now a strong "TEAM" again, and work is
enjoyable again!! We are producing more and that is largely because you
two showed us how to work as a team again!! Thank You Again and
Misty Reed, RDA

“Sonya is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas, set goals, and energize teams to achieve excellence. Sonya has worked with dental practices in my region and across the nation. She has taken those practices to new heights with her straightforward and practical methods of bringing out the best in others. After working with Sonya over the past year, it is easy for me to conclude she has numerous strengths. She would be a valuable asset to any practice interested in motivating the staff and increasing productivity. I strongly recommend Sonya without hesitation."
Tim Vanderlick
Territory Manager
Align Technologies

"Sonya is a person of strong personal character, integrity and trust. She has the
ability to be highly effective in personal and professional relationship building and
growing. Her skills at motivation and living with a “win-win” approach are second to
none. I can say with absolute confidence that she made my job as a consultant much
easier because of her attitude and persistence to make things happen. I have no doubt
that when Sonya is set on a course of accomplishment that it will absolutely happen.
There are few individuals I know that show such a high level of focus and determination
in accomplishing a task or project"
Keith McLachlan
Regional Business Manager, Southern California
Align Technologies.